Department’s aims and tasks

The Department of the International public organization “International Centre of the Roerichs” in Belarus (The ICR Belarusian Department) is a public association of citizens created on the basis of their common interests in the cause of study, preservation and popularization of the Roerich family heritage.

The Department of the ICR in Belarus is a department of the International public organization “International Centre of the Roerichs” – an associated member of the Non-Governmental Organizations Association under the Department of Public Information of the United Nations Organization (UN).

The Department’s main aim is assistance in the study and popularization of the Roerich family creative heritage which is part of the world culture and has interest and value for all nations of our planet.

Department’s tasks are:

- Conducting cultural and enlightenment, scientific and research activities dedicated to the study of the artistic creative work, philosophic, literary and publicistic works of the Roerich family.

- Creating a bank of data about the Roerich family’s life and creative work, publishing Roerich’s family literary materials, studies about them and their creative work, and studies dedicated to problems of the world culture and art.

- Contributing to the development of culture as a language of International mutual understanding; preservation and respect of the values of culture and historico-cultural heritage.

- Supporting of personality development, comprehension and implementation of high Roerich ideas of humanism and peace, perception and comprehension of universal human cultural values.

- Comprehensive development and deepening of International mutual understanding and collaboration, strengthening cultural and scientific relations between peoples and states on the basis of the Roerichs’ humanistic ideas.

- Contributing to prevention of social, national, religious conflicts, popularization of the “Roerich’s Pact” and “Banner of Peace” ideas.

- Study of the history and origins of culture, its popularization and development.

- Development of professional and amateur artistic, scientific and technical creative work, contributing to the revival of national art crafts.